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Covid-19 recovery certificate issuance service

  • ​The Covid-19 virus is usually not detected 1-2 weeks after being infected with the virus, but some people continue to test positive for the Covid-19 test by PCR even after several weeks. This does not necessarily mean that it is emitting an infectious virus. According to the current view of the US CDC, no infectious virus has been excreted after a certain period of time, and no reinfection with the virus will occur for 90 days after infection.

  • The Government of Japan has not yet issued an official guideline, but there is a move to limit entry to Japan by using a recovery certificate prepared based on the above opinion. Dr Kobayashi's office will issue a recovery certificate after receiving online medical care for those who strictly meet the criteria in principle complying with the CDC's guideline.

  • However, even if you prepare the above recovery certificate, it does not guarantee that you will enter Japan. The decision on whether or not to enter the country is the judgment of the Government of Japan or the Immigration Bureau. For the procedure after obtaining the recovery certificate, please contact the Japanese government consulate in your jurisdiction.

Medical form with stethoscope
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