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Online test and certificate issuance service for US reentry


Currently this service is available only for customers who had a Covid-19 mRNA test with certificate issuance for Japan entry at either our Silicon Valley office or San Francisco office.

  • We conduct Covid-19 home test online video guidance for US residents who are returning from Japan to USA. Customers buy a home test kit before leaving USA, and bring it with them when as they travel to Japan. An online video meeting is scheduled one day before or on the date of their return flight. Our trained staffs will closely observe their testing procedures is appropriately performed according to manufacturer's instruction. Once a valid test result is obtained, we will issue a Covid-19 negative certificate which clears the requirement for US border entry. The service fee is $200. The benefit of this service is obtaining a required certificate at home without visiting an outside medical facility.  

  • Customers will purchase buy a home test kit. The kit should not be opened until the online testing under our guidance is performed. If it is purchased as a package after testing at our facility , one box of test kit is offered free of charge.

  • Customers staying in Japan will contact us to schedule an online video guidance for the test. We request that the testing time should be within our business hours in USA between 9:00AM to 5:00PM. The test is relatively simple and the result will be obtained in 30 minutes. We guide you step by step using a slide show. After validating the testing procedure and the result, we prepare a Covid-19 negative certificate for US reentry. We will request to email us a copy of your passport in advance.

  • If you provide a copy of your Covid-19 vaccine record, the information is also included in the certificate. 

  • This service is only offered for customers visiting Japan and returning to the USA. It is not offered for travelers to other countries.  


  • It is important for customers to check the certificate carefully when they receive it. Please be advised that we will not be able to compensate for any losses caused by incomplete documents found at a later date.​


  • Cancellation of the service is not accepted once the package is purchased. Please notify us as soon as possible if you would like reschedule the testing date and time. After the certificate is issued, we will not be able to accept refunds regardless of the circumstances.

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