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Covid-19 vaccination record translation service 

  • We prepare a Covid-19 vaccine record in Japanese based on a US government issued vaccine certificate. This facilitates domestic traveling in Japan.

  • We accept a photo of the original Covid-19 vaccination record card issued by government approved healthcare professional or clinic site. Online vaccine record is not accepted for this service. 

  • Please apply for this service on the application page. Please select a time frame for the date when you need the translation document. Proceed to the payment menu and pay the fee ($50 per person). The time frame is for our list management purpose only and it does not have to match the time you are sending required information. 


  • Please take a clear photo of the front page of your vaccination record card and email it with a photo copy of of your passport ID page to our email address ( After confirming the description,  we will properly create a record which includes all necessary information and send it as a pdf file by email. Please allow us 48 hours for the issuance of the translation.

  • Importantly, please check the document carefully when you receive it. If the document you receive is incorrect or incomplete, please contact us by email. It will be corrected and sent back to you soon.  

  • Please be advised that this will not be accepted as an official vaccine passport. You need to bring the original vaccine record in English along with the translation. 

  • You can cancel at any time before the translation record is issued. The cancellation fee will be $25. The service fee will need to be paid online at the time of application, but if the record is not issued by cancellation request, the difference between the application fee and cancellation fee will be refunded.  After the record is issued, we will not be able to accept refund requests regardless of the circumstances.

Vaccine Passport
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