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Certificate for residents in Japan 

  • We create a Covid-19 negative certificate in English for the purpose of US entry for residents in Japan


  • Please go to the nearest designated facility and have the necessary test. The specimen collection site is not specified by US government. Accepted testing methods are as follows. 


  • Nucleic acid amplification test (NAT or NAAT) 

  • Antigen test (quantitative or qualitative)

   *Nucleic acid amplification test includes PCR, LAMP, TMA, TRC, Smart

    Ampmethod, NEAR


  • Please make a reservation for our service on the day when you expect to receive the test results from the application page. Please check the availability of the calendar and take the earliest available time slot. Proceed to the payment menu and pay the fee ($ 50 per person). Even if you apply for multiple people such as family members, you need to make a reservation individually. For groups greater than five, please contact us through our e-mail address.


       The reservation time is for our schedule management. It is not necessary to exactly              match the time when you expect the test result.


  • When you receive the results from the laboratory, please email the following two documents to our email address (


  • Official report of test results (Please send a pdf file containing the testing facility name, test method, sample collection method, and sample collection date and time)

  • Passport face photo page (photos are OK)


       Specimen collection site and the date and time of collection must be stated in the 

       test result report. If not written, please include a comment with the e-mail as well.


  • If you have completed Covid-19 vaccines and submit the record to us, we will include the information in the certificate. However, please be advised that it will not be accepted as an official vaccine passport.  

  •  After confirming the test results, we will properly create a certificate in English which includes all necessary information and send it as a pdf file by e-mail.


  • Importantly, please check the certificate very carefully when you receive it. If the document you receive is incorrect or incomplete, please contact us immediately by email. It will be corrected and sent back to you soon. Please be advised that we are not liable for any losses which occur later once the issued certificate is accepted by the applicant. 

  • Due to the recent change in US border regulation, an appropriate Covid-19 test must be performed on the previous date or later before the departure date. Please email us the test result as soon as possible. Because of the time zone difference between Japan and USA, the certificate issuance within 12 hours is not guaranteed. 

  • You can cancel at any time before the certificate is issued. The cancellation fee will be $25. The service fee will need to be paid online at the time of booking, but if the certificate is not issued by cancellation request, the difference between the application fee and cancellation fee will be refunded. We will not charge the cancellation fee if rescheduling is requested. After the certificate is issued, we will not be able to accept refund requests regardless of the circumstances.

  • Please note that this certificate is not a guarantee that you will be able to enter the United Sates of America. The final decision will be made by the immigration officer present at the time of entry into the US.

Image by Scott Graham
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