Procedure for Corona mRNA test


  • Dr Kobayashi's Silicon Valley office, which is affiliated with this site, will carry out the mRNA test required for entry into Japan. All procedures from the corona test to the certificate issuance will be completed in one place.


  • Document screening when entering Japan is becoming more and more rigorous. In some cases, due to inadequate documents, individuals are not allowed to enter the country at the destination, and are forced to return to the United States.

  • Common issues occur when the corona test performed is not a test method specified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (for example, an antigen qualitative test) or the specimen is not collected from the specified site (for example, a nasal swab).


  • Dr Kobayashi's office performs an mRNA measurement test based on the NEAR method which corresponds to the test specified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The medical staff in the office will ensure that the sample is taken from the nasopharyngeal site and is tested immediately. 

  • Reservation is necessary for this service. Please apply for the service from the "Corona test + certificate issuance" menu on the application page. If you apply for multiple people such as family members, you will need to make a reservation individually. Thereservation will be a "tentative reservation". After you sign up, we will contact you to confirm the appointment by e-mail or phone call within 24 hours.


  • Total service fee is $350. No payment is required when making a reservation. Please pay at the reception desk before the test when you come to the clinic. We do not accept health insurances for this service. 


  • When you receive the certificate, please be sure to check its contents.Please let us know immediately if there are any errors. Please note that we will not be able to compensate for any losses caused by incomplete documents found at a later date.​


  • Please note that our corona test is only available at the following office in Mountain View, California:


Shuichi Kobayashi MD

2490 Hospital Drive, Suite 105

Mountain View, California 94040

Tel. 650-962-4630​


  • If you wish to cancel the service, please be sure to contact us by phone on business days at least 24 hours before the reserved time. Cancellation by email or phone message is not accepted. Cancellation within 24 hours is not accepted except for unavoidable circumstances.After the certificate is issued, we will not be able to accept refunds regardless of the circumstances.