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Mount Fuji
For those traveling to Japan from the USA
We will issue a coronavirus negative certificate designated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan. We offer following options. 

1. Total service of Covid-19 genetic testing and certificate issuance

 For those who can visit the Dr Kobayashi's office in Silicon Valley

    or San Francisco, California. All procedures from testing to

    certificate issuance are completed at the clinic, and the certificate

    can be issued in 30 minutes at the shortest. The fee is $350.



2. Issuance of corona recovery certificate 

 We issue a recovery certificate for those who were recently

 diagnosed as Covid-19 infection strictly based on CDC



3.  Issuance of Covid-19 vaccine record in Japanese

     We prepare a Cov-d-19 vaccine record in Japanese based on

     translation of a US government issued vaccine certificate.

     This facilitates domestic traveling in Japan.


4.   Issuance of corona negative certificate only

   Based on the result of the Covid-19 test performed at the nearest

      testing facility, we will create a corona virus negative certificate

      in the format specified by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign

      Affairs. The issuance fee is $50. No need to visit. All steps

      completed online.

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